Ultra Fast Execution Technology

Pure STP Execution Through ECN Networks

Our MetaTrader 4 servers are centralized in the highly protected EFX1 suite in Equinix LD4 (London) data center. The MetaTrader 4 servers in Equinix LD4 give the opportunity to empower high speed cross-connectivity between Our Servers and all of its Liquidity Providers. These hotlines are designed to facilitate a low latency environment with ultra fast transfer of data, eventuating in the best execution speeds for our clients. The fast execution speeds achieved through our low latency connections offers the best trading conditions on the market for traders all over the world ensuring all orders are filled at the best possible price.


Your Key Benefits:

  • No Dealing Desk – All of trades go directly to Liquidity Providers
  • No Re-quotes – All of orders are executed at the best next available prices offered by one of our LPs
  • Trading Anonymity – LPs don’t see your orders
  • Ultra Fast Order Execution
  • Unparalled price/time priority matching algorithm
  • Streaming limit-order liquidity from Top-tier banks


Our Liquidity Providers:

Our Liquidity Providers